Alturki Holding Branding
Alturki Holding
Needless of an introduction; renown Saudi family group, Alturki has been leading several business sectors in the region for the past 45 years. Boxon was entrusted with the mission to develop their new communication strategy, verbal and visual identity to uncover its hidden potentials. The team conducted a brand perception study in order to roll out the new communication strategy that best reflect Alturki's business strategy. From updating the logo, to the brand manual, Boxon's team of experts worked with a spectrum of applications to communicate the brand.
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Vision Invest Branding
Vision Invest
Vision Invest is the rebranded image of ACWA Holding (Arabian Company for Water and Power Project Development), which was founded in 2002. Vision is owned equally by Al Muhaidib Group and Abdullah Abunayyan Group, two well-reputed, long-established and highly-diversified Saudi business houses with outstanding records. The PPP leader (Public-Private-Partnership) in the region hired Boxon to create their new brand identity and website.
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TRA Website
Telecommunications Regulatory Authority
Website Design & Development
The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) established in 2002 promulgating the Telecommunications Law in the Kingdom of Bahrain. With such big mission comes a big responsibility. TRA hired Boxon expertise to carry the responsibility of designing & developing its web portal. The website has many technical features that offer simple, fast and easy navigation to its various components and divisions and many interactive services in order to improve the level of information provided to different beneficiaries.
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Recycling Yesterday.. Crafting Tomorrow.
Saudi's paper recycler, Waraq, reached Boxon to facelift its identity. Waraq (Arab Paper Manufacturing Company) is a leading recycled paper manufacturer that gathers raw materials, and recycle them in a systematic process to yield in a kraft paper material, all while endorsing an internationally-recognized sustainable methodology.
TAQA Annual Report
TAQA is a leading provider of superior end to end oilfield solutions for the regions' dynamic energy industry. The company sought Boxon's assistance to come up with an energy fueled Annual Report design to brand their 2018 achievements, statistical data and information.
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BHRA Website
Bahrain Horse Racing Authority
Website Design & Development
BHRA is the premier regulatory authority governing all aspects of horse racing in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Boxon has proudly branded the identity. Marking a significant milestone in its history; hosting international races for the first time in the Kingdom, BHRA entrusted Boxon to design and deliver a renovated CMS website. Visitors can navigate through the seasons calendar, view race videos and results, as well as watch a live stream of the race.
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National Communication Centre Website
The Kingdom's National Communication Centre has delegated the task to renovate its web portal to Boxon's team of expertise. The technical solution Boxon offered through its own CMS was evaluated the highest amongst other bids due to its reliability, security and scalability.
ARO Advertising
ARO Drilling
Following our success of the first brand awareness we made for ARO, the company wanted to follow it up with another. This time, ARO needed to emphasize on its community role in developing Saudi, and its notable contribution to its Saudization. Boxon came up with a concept that portrays ARO as the patriotic drilling company that helps Saudis develop the country's future.
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Taiba Investment Annual Report
Taiba Investment
Named after the 2nd holiest place for Muslims, Taiba is a leading investment, Tadawul listed company in the fields of real estate and hospitality. Our team crafted geometric vibrant visual elements and designed their 2018 Annual Report.
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Bahrain Chamber to Rebrand
Bahrain's Chamber of Commerce and Industry have hired Boxon to renovate its identity. The team is excited to be part of this evolution phase at one of the MENA's oldest commerce chambers, and craft a new identity that represents the chamber's reputable history and promising future.
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