Dhefaf Branding
Dhefaf City
Branding one on the largest man-made cities in Saudi Arabia, a development with miles of beaches in the eastern province. The scope initiated with the task of developing a unique name that captures the new city spirit, and concluded with a comprehensive brand identity and manual that ensures future communication consistency.
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Bahrain Elections 2018 Website
Bahrain Elections 2018
Website Design & Development
Revamped portal for the forthcoming 2018 Parliamentary and Municipality Elections of Bahrain. Boxon designed and developed the bilingual website using our very own Xonet CMS, integrating several web services to display all candidates within the 40 electoral constituencies, check voting eligibility, show election results and more.
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Drilling Into the Future
ARO Drilling, a joint venture of Saudi Aramco and Rowan Companies, reached out to Boxon for an advertising assignment. The project is sought to build a brand loyalty among their employees, as well as serve promoting public awareness of the brand and its positive contribution towards the community and the economy.
Primia Branding
Primia Events and Exhibitions
Rebranding one of Saudi's long-running event management firms. Previously known as 'PR-Media', the company sought help from Boxon to renovate their image, starting with a strategic renaming that matches the company's positioning statement, towards its full visual identity.
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Takween Profile
Profile creation, copywriting and design, for one of the region's largest plastic manufacturers, Takween. The task was part of a larger scope that included design services for their events participation, publications redesigning and creation of other communication material.
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Taiba Communication Strategy
Boxon has won Taiba Holding account, developing their communication strategy and plan for the coming year including strategic planning, PR and advertising services. Taiba Holding is Medina's most renowned development and investment company, taking pride of many of this holy city's landmarks.
Massadr Branding
Massadr Human Resources
Massadr is one of the few licensed human resources and recruitment platform in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Boxon did the branding, which includes a spectrum of communication applications and a brand manual to ensure future consistency.
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RERA Website
Real Estate Regulatory Authority
Website Design & Development
Website design and development of the newly established authority; the Real Estate Regulatory Authority of Bahrain. Boxon solution took into consideration the complexity of the client's content and the diversity of its stakeholders, resulting in clear information architecture and simple user interface experience. This project was preceded by our creation RERA's the brand identity.
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Saudi Halal Center Branding
Saudi Food and Drug Authority entrusts Boxon with the task of branding its forthcoming initiative as part of Saudi 2030 Vision. The SFDA is in the process of establishing Saudi's Halal Center. The Center will be the authoritative entity in charge of monitoring and authenticating consumers products to ensure its compliance with Islamic Sharia.
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